Thursday, 10 February 2011

Calling all Faction War noobies

Quick request.

I am doing some research related to Faction War and would like to get in touch with anyone who has tried it for first time during the last 12 months. Whether you stayed or not is not so important. It basically involves taking part in a short survey.

If you are interested in helping just drop me an Eve-mail or leave a comment here with your IG name.



  1. I briefly entered faction warfare for about a month with my corp back in September. I can't access EVE for another week but I can use EVE Gate to respond to any mails regarding this. Char's name is tgl3.

  2. I have a character that will be starting FW soon if that will help any. Character is named Torbetha.

  3. We have some new people to FW in our corp. You could make a post on our forums, to get in touch with them.