Monday, 14 February 2011

The Love Roll

Happy Valentines Day!

There are several theories on who the original "Valentine" was but which ever story you subscribe to they all tend to end in
death/execution/martyrdom, which all sounds very Eve-like to me. So how about a little Eve themed love "meme" to celebrate the day?

The Love-Roll is your personal list of individuals, corps, alliances or other groups of capsuleers who have had the greatest
effect or influence on your time in Eve online. They are the people who challenged you the most, caused you to change your direction or simply made it all worth while.

Here be mine:

The Staunch
Actually I hate these guys. They war-deced my pve corp and blew the hell out of us in an epic tale of carebear tears and failfit explosions. It was messy but also the most important thing that happened to me during my pve days. Although I didn't know it at the time their war dec signalled the start of my journey towards full time pvp.

Mynxee & Laedy

I've not flown with either of these two nor spent any time with them in-game but discovering their blogs has been quite
inspiring. I don’t want to get too hung up on the "girl gamer" thing but prior to my interest in Eve blogs I didn't really know much about the other females who pvp'd in Eve. Through the blogosphere I got to read about Mynxee the Hellcat CEO and then of her time in the CSM. Later I discovered Laedy, the roaming pirate nomad. I don't believe ones gender matters at all in Eve but I confess I have found it inspiring to read the adventures of these two women in what is largely a male dominated environment.

Mentally Unstable Enterprises, Wrath of Fenris, Euphoria Released

Whether through my association with SoTF or from the early days of Gallente Militia I've had the opportunity to fly alongside
countless different corporations. Too many names and individuals to list but Mentl, E-R and Wolfy stand out for me as being the corporations I've learned the most from.

Annie Anomie
When I first made the decision to train for interceptors I started a conversation with Annie, a pilot I had come across
through the Gallente militia, and picked his brains on how I should go about getting started as a fleet tackler. I don't know if he remembers the brief chat we had but Annie's blunt, no-nonsense advice put me on the right track. It was quite some time before I lost my first Ares, despite flying it almost exclusively for many months and still being quite a new pvper.. I feel quite privileged to now share the same corp ticker as Annie and he continues to be a font of, brutally honest, opinion and advice.

Gall is largely responsible for the merger of my old corp into SoTF. This in itself was a game changing experience for me however Galls place on this list is cemented for more personable reasons. He is a first class CEO, stands by his corp members and is certainly the glue that keeps us all together. He has great talent for diffusing difficult situations and whenever any sh!t hits the fan he is the person who does the cleaning up. This is something I had personal experience of when I accidently pointed a pirate who had positive standings with us (and who then lost their ship) due to an overview cock-up - which happened not long after I had joined SoTF. But aside from all of that Gall is one my favourite people to spend time with online and I am chuffed to have found someone in the world who drinks more red wine than I do, comes out with more filth that I do and sings worse than me also.

My current corp and the place where I finally shook off my carebear roots (well most of them). I have learned a huge amount,
met some interesting people and had bucket load of good times with this corp. Watching the corporation evolve and grow and being a part of this process as a Director has also been quite an educational experience.

Rashmika Clavain
Finally, my other half Rash. I am certain that my time in Eve has helped him to master the exasperated frown that he performs
so well. In return I've had a real-life comrade whose in-depth understanding of the game has been invaluable to me from the start. I would have you know that I've never had a charity isk nor a free ship off him, but his advice and assistance as a fleet-mate has been an integral part of my journey through New Eden. We have our ups and downs and don't always see eye to eye but together have shared many years of adventure in New Eden. Missions, war, exploration, faction war, corp dramas and so much more. From Mirelene to Nisuwa, Rashmika has been my constant companion and no doubt will remain so for many adventures still to come.

So thank you Love-rollers. Here's a big virtual smoocheh from me o7

So, who's in your Love-Roll?


  1. Awwww hugs and kisses Eelis ♥
    I'm a bit late to this post, soz.
    I definitely relate to this, there are so many people in my EVE career that have influenced me (both corps and individuals). As a noob, I remember my corp getting wardecced by Atomic Battle Penguins (now known as Nibbletek), who were the best mercenary corp at the time. We got our butts kicked something furious, but it fueled my passion for PVP that is for sure.
    Also, I didn't know you also had an "other half" that plays EVE! Lucky girls we are :)

  2. If I didn't hear them both on vent I'd be thinking you share the same guy living a double life :)

  3. Surely no man with an Eve addiction has time for 2 ladies. Hmm apart from Greg6 maybe.

  4. Aww shucks. I'm glad to be in corp with you. It's nice to hear my advice was helpful. I give out a lot of it.

  5. Hey there! Nice to see our corp getting mentioned (must be vic's sexy voice on vent that got your attention!).

    I think end of the day, I'm in the game for the people that I play with. About the person beside you and not just a hopeless addiction to internet spaceships. ^^

  6. I just found your blog and it is great to read about EVE from the perspective of a fellow FWer and especially interesting coming from the GalMil point of view.

    I am Caldari but my love roll would have to include some of your mates.

    Annie Anomie introduced me to PVP when he rudly interupted my FW mission. :) I'll never forget his post in local, "For the Federation!!!" From that day on EVE has never been the same for me. PVP is like crack.

    A couple months later, Mental Mavrick pwned two of my harpies within about a 20 min span in his rifter which led to my love affair with Minmatar engineering.

    I have a lot of respect for SoTF and QCats as well as many other GalMil corps, even more than I do for some CalMil corps. I'm looking forward to reading the your blog posts! Keep up the good work. o7