Saturday, 12 February 2011

Why I hate my corp

First time in months the powers of babysitter, cash flow and company align in perfect harmony and I actually get to go out for a night down the pub.

>>And my mean corpies go and spend the night doing this<<

GJ guys. Sucks to be me!


  1. Wow, that's pretty impressive. Good job to your corp!

  2. How in the hell did they manage to catch that many of them low-sec? They couldn't all have been pointed... Very nice.

  3. I was in that fight, I was in half armor in 10 seconds. Massive alpha!

    Props to our FC for suiciding us! lol

  4. was a drunk birthday fleet - awsome fc'ing, we jumped in assessed what was going on, then 5 carriers landed with the bs's and stuff.......our fc "mmmmmm....mmmm...primary xxxx in mega let's go to work" we called points, all those who had points listened and we systematically pointed as much as we can on the field - was awesome teamwork. Huge props for the carriers not self destructing as well.