Saturday, 26 February 2011


In the beginning 3 pvp noobs made a corp and joined the Gallente militia.

They had a lot of fun, flew with many different people, and even started recruiting new members. The corp was relaxed, laid back and full of drunk people. But they learned how to fly well and started making a name for themselves.

They set up their own forums, vent server and started FC'ing their own fleets. Over time they developed procedures and an official ROE to better establish themselves and direct their growing corp. They continued to take in new recruits, even merging a few smaller corps with their own.

As time went by they faced many adversaries and these came in various different guises. Some were within their own militia, some were Caldari targets, others were pirates or war-dec targets. As well as the daily battles there were also difficult decisions to make, "sides" to choose and constant consequences to consider. Friendlies came and went, allegiances and standings changed. This "politically free" environment was often much the opposite. But with each new challenge the corp continued to grow, evolve and learn.

The corp I am referring to is of course Shadows of The Federation.

As we approach our third birthday we've reached a point in Faction War where, quite frankly, we've totally out-grown it.

For every challenge presented we've changed our tactics and risen to face it and, without wishing to sound like an almightily cock waver, now we're now too good for our own good. The bulk of the Caldari militia cannot or will not fight our full strength fleets and there simply isn't enough pirate or war-dec activity to keep us busy.

This problem is not a new one, it's been coming up for many many months (years even) and we've had various discussion and ideas on how we should proceed, such as stopping new people joining, dumbing down our ships types or fleet sizes, changing our ROE to allow some GCC activity, staging out of different areas. But nothing really solved the problem. The problem is that we don't belong here anymore.

So where to next?

An opportunity has arisen. It is the right offer and it is the right time to try something new. So we are going for it.

SoTF has now left the Gallente Militia.

I still cannot quite believe that we're actually leaving, nor what we are about to do next. But I am happy in the knowledge that I'm doing it with a great bunch of people.

As for my blog, I have a few FW posts still to write, which I will carry on with and I am more than happy to plug any new FW bloggers getting started - just shout. But of course I hope to be sharing something of my new adventures soon also.

To the handful of corpies who are not coming with us, I wish you much pewpew and good times. There will always be a spot in SoTF for you if you change your minds.

To the Squids and pirates of Black Rise past and present, thank you for the pewpew o7

To our allies in the Gallente Militia, best wishes, and good luck. Who knows, we might be back with you in a month lol

As for what exactly we are up to next? Well it’s becoming the worlds worst kept secret but I will post more about this soon :)

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  1. I'll miss your fw blog as it was always rather insightful. At first I thought I would miss you guys, but you really showed your true colors when you started roaming heyd after you left militia and engaging gal mil and smacking up a storm. SOTF was always a very well organized Corp, but I really didn't realize how much you looked down on the rest of militia.

  2. Heh, we were shooting up all of Black Rise last night, or trying to anyway. We were all very drunk and had a lot of ships to lose. There were many 1v1s and things going on as well, it wasn't just a free for all. As for looking down on people, we're not interested in silly game. We have respect for those who have earned it and we don't look down on anyone, unless they have given us specific cause to do so of course ;)

  3. As one of those original 3 pvp noobs I'm immensely proud of how SoTF has grown and gone from strength to strength.

    We have a great Ceo, great directors & a fantastic set of corp members to thank for getting us to where we are now. Massive kudos to all of you.

    Onwards to the next step now- the future's bright, the future's blue (explosions).

  4. Aww just when I found a good FW blog... Oh well. I am moving to 0.0 as well so I feel your pain (about the moving). Best of luck and I'm looking forward to tales of your new adventures.

    ~Duke T.

  5. To the annoymous dude posting -

    /Semi rant on

    first...........grow up for gods sake mate - we intentionally went out to have a little fun and in the most part people took it for just that. Its only a few people who are stuck up there own arses and are full of there own self importance who got pissy about it.

    Hell, speak to NME1 and there alt corp (who wasnt blue to SoTF btw and as you know we are nbsi) He jumped through a neutral Orca and we all agressed it, upon be told it was a friendly alt we deagressed and it got out in structure. So please get your head out of your own arse and grow up ffs.

    /semi rant off

    ^^ Gallactica btw.

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  7. I have deleted a post from "Anonymous".

    I don't mind anyones opinion being posted on my blog, but if you are going to single out specific names to have a pop at then you need to name yourself and stop posting as "anonymous".

    In answer to your questions we HAD actually spent the previous 12 hours moving ships and needed a roam before we went insane. It was late (for us) and there was no fleet up - no one was "going to camp heyd" People were just people wandering the pipes. The only reason we all ended up in Heyd (and OMS by the way) was because the rest of the pipe was dead.

    As for people being disrepsectful to other corps - SOTF is regularly bad mouthed behind our backs, in corp chats and public channels. Stuff like this does make it back to us - people are quite happy to go around spitting venom at SOTF. Aparently this is perfectly acceptable.

    But when our members get wasted and post some churlish crap in local for all to see, WE are the bad guys?

    I think you need to get a grip and stop thinking that any of this is about YOU. It is not. You are blowing the whole incident out of proportion and judging by the eve-mails and chatter the next day the vast majority of people took it in the way it was intended - SOTF got wasted and shot some people. Big deal!

    Honestly if we really loathed our so called former allies as much as you seem to think then we would have joined the Caldari militia.